Flexitallic Seals

Flexitallic Seals and GasketsAt Bergman Specialty Products it is our goal to offer you a large range of focused and skillfully made products from acclaimed brands. We have more than met our goal with our exhaustive stock of gaskets. Though we offer many brands, we are especially proud to serve as a distributor for Flexitallic, which allows us to supply high quality, high value industrial static sealing products. Since inventing the spiral wound gasket nearly a century ago, Flexitallic has been at the forefront of fluid sealing innovation. Bergman Specialty Products is your best source for all of your Flexitallic sealing requirements including spiral wound, sheet and metal gaskets.

With such a huge range of materials, brands and specifications evident in our selection of gaskets, much of what makes Bergman Specialty Products so special is evident. It is presumably this element of our company which appealed to Flexitallic and influenced their decision to allow us to be a distributor of their fine products. Our products are designed to fit the various needs of each and every possible customer, and our gaskets are so greatly focused for exactly this purpose. We want to have precisely what you need, and chances are very high that we do. They are made much higher through our partnership with Flexitallic. So if you’re looking for a gasket of any kind give us a call. We’ll help you find the product which matches your needs from our impeccable selection and give you a great price. Both in terms of pricing and selection, you just can not do better than Bergman Specialty.

  • We offer a huge variety of gaskets from great brands like Matello, Alltite, Flexitallic, and Topogie.
  • We can supply small or large runs on all products.
  • Our gaskets are available in highly specialized materials like Buna, EPDM, Graphite, Neoprene, Teflon, Silicone and Viton.
  • Our pricing is highly competitive.
  • Our customer service representatives are the best in the business. Well informed and highly personable, they’ll help you on your way to finding the perfect product. Call today to discover what exactly makes Bergman so special.
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